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(Updated March 27 – 2040)



My dear fellow World Citizens!


Welcome to my story.


Thanks to Martin Luther King, I had a dream.

Thanks to Walt Disney, I made my dream come true.

Thanks to John Lennon, I imagined …

… all the people sharing all the world.

… with no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man.


Thanks to Abraham Maslow I identified
      the steps of individual realisation

Thanks to George Marshall I realised
      the perspective of worldwide responsibility

Thanks to Joost Smiers I understand,
      that divine inspiration must be free of charge

Thanks to Steven Shafarman I realise that
      fantasy feeds fulfilment.

Thanks to Jiddu Krishnamurti
      I experienced choiceless awareness

Thanks to Rudolf Steiner I explore the philosophy of freedom

Thanks to Martinus I acknowledge

      cosmology and spirituality

Thanks to Mahatma Ghandi I value
     one man’s power, pure and poor

Thanks to Nelson Mandela I cherish
     faith, hope and love

Thanks to H.H. Dalai Lama I identified

     a philosophy of kindness

Thanks to Philippe van Parijs I was amazed by the common good in

     freedom for the Crazie Jobbie as and the Lazie Hobbie

Thanks to Socrates, Christ and Kierkegaard I saw the point …

… of knowing, loving and being my eternal and present I


I imagined the World Bank establishing a world citizen account belonging to every single world citizen.

And I imagined the United Nations every month contributing a Granted Basic Income to the account of each and every world citizen, sponsored by global consciousness, care and capacity.

   To prevent poverty, hunger, terrorism and war.

   To encourage human welfare, creativity, integrity and prosperity.


Like a water pump that pumps oxygen from the bottom of a lake to allow it to breathe and sustain life, the UN-GBI succeeded in energizing almost all local communities into human integrity and prosperity.

Together they made well doing regions, which flourished into bright and brilliant nations.

      Which became the very foundation of what we nowadays know as Global Diversity:

The overwhelming wealth of physical, cultural and spiritual tribe’s of love and understanding.

This is my story … please feel free to join it!


Best wishes


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